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Latihan Soal Penjaskes Kelas XII


1. The way of space location move, duty division from each;every player in futsal game, named…
A. the game Strategy
B. the game Tactics
C. the game Formation
D. the Tactics
E. controlling

2. Other Dissimilar Term, which same meaning to one by one, is…
A. Controlling
B. Man to man marking
C. Zone marking
D. Passing
E. Tackling

3. Futsal games consisted by two part, every part take place during…
A. 7 minute
B. 10 minute
C. 15 minute
D. 20 minute
E. 25 minute

4. Futsal created from Montevidio, Uruguay in the year 1930 by…
A. Juan Pablo
B. Juan Felix Tampubolon
C. Juan Perez
D. Juan Carlos Ceriani
E. Juan Antonio Fernando

5. In Volley Ball game, blow instructing to the opponent which aim to kill ball in opponent area as…
A. the Attack
B. the Defender
C. the Tactics
D. the Strategy
E. the Tactics

6. Start blow in volley ball game is…
A. set-Up
B. service
C. spike
D. blocking
E. smash

7. A Basket ball of player own small body, ability dribbling is very good, movement to all direction very nimble. He is better function as…
A. centre
B. pointer
C. play maker
D. forward
E. Guard

8. To break blow smash from opponent in volley ball game used by a technique…
A. controlling
B. passing
C. blocking
D. spike
E. covering

9. Volley ball game, First time found by a instructor of physical education in Holyoke, Massachusetts ( United States) at date of 9 February 1895, so called…
A. Goerge william
B. James Naismith
C. William g. Morgan
D. Martina Navtratilova
E. Venus William

10. High blow type and aim to backside area in the Badminton game, is…
A. Blow drop shot
B. Blow netting
C. Blow long pass
D. Blow lob
E. Blow netting

11. In single game of badminton, usually service use …
A. up service
B. low service
C. forehand service
D. backhand service
E. long service

12. Double or system game tactics there is 3 of kinds, among other things is..
A. the front and front system
B. system back and back
C. the front by eunuch system
D. system triangular
E. the front and back system

13. Double number badminton Game system using field system tactics in or becoming two big same shares of referred as left right…
A. the side by side system
B. the front by side system
C. the side by front system
D. the front by front system
E. system circulation

14. There is five ordinary party played in badminton, the ushering of real correct here under is…
A. the party visit
B. the cage party
C. the double party of man-women
D. the double party of male mixture
E. the double party of mixture

15. Organizational Badminton in Indonesia that is…

16. International championship badminton for number team mixture is…
A. Thomas cup
B. Pursue Cup
C. World Cup
D. Sudirman Cup
E. All England

17. Practice to increase the endurance work lung and heart is…
A. run 2,4 km
B. sit-up
C. push-up
D. sprint
E. dead life

18. Practice Shuttle run aim to train…
A. the speed
B. the strength
C. the mobility
D. the accuracy
E. endurance

19. The Especial benefit of practice jogging is…
A. the muscle endurance
B. endurance cardiovascular
C. the joint flexing
D. the speed
E. mobility

20. Movement network allied with music rhythm which has been selected by duration is referred as certain…
A. the general Gymnastic
B. Practice gymnastic morning
C. Practice gymnastic floor
D. Practice gymnastic aerobic
E. Practice gymnastic military

21.The famous figure as father aerobic is…
A. Dr. A. Dinubie
B. Dr. Christopher Clive
C. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper
D. Dr. William John
E. Dr. Thomas Larson

22. Under this the practice aerobic forms, except…
A. Run
B. Swim
C. Walk
D. Cycle
E. Make a move

23. Gymnastic Aerobic which hard movement. The mention is…
A. Low impact aerobic
B. Discorobic
C. High impact aerobic
D. Rockrobic
E. Sport aerobic

24. The benefit practice gymnastic aerobic for following. Except
A. improve to lung and heart endurance
B. improve torepair performance
C. lose to weight body
D. improve to speed
E. improve to body endurance to disease

25.The Organizational Mains of table tennis of the world is..

26. Way of holding bet table tennis, which shake hand is …
A. Penhold grip
B. shakehands grip
C. seemilliar grip
D. backhands grip
E. forehands grip

27. The picture under show position player of table tennis in pursuance of blow

A. the forehand
B. the backhand
C. stoke
D. drive
E. block

28. Under this is real correct technique service in table tennis game, except…
A. the ball have to keep quiet freely is above palm surface opened
B. server lob ball to up
C. when ball descend, server have to hit up at his own desk shares
D. direct boa service bound to desk fight against
E. the and bet Ball have to the above desk surface

29. Organizational Mains of table tennis in Indonesia is…

30. If a player fails to do service, hence …
A. service repeating
B. service to fight against
C. the number to fight against
D. service repeating until 5 times.
E. Service move and the number to fight against

31. Hold bet like technique under is]…
A. shakehand grip
B. penholder grip
C. western grip
D. USA grip
E. Asian grip

32. Service in game of table tennis by each every player as much…
A. 1 times
B. 2 times
C. 3 times
D. 4 times
E. 5 times

33. If player second/couple both of the same get number 10, hence….
A. game repeating
B. the game continued until there is difference 2 point
C. the game continued to second act
D. the game discontinued
E. the game continued by until point 15

34. Efforts to determine the position or the players during an attack is called ….
A. Formation defense and attack
B. Player Placement
C. Attitude or team player
D. Position players
E. transition

35. If the football team / futsal team apply a system by attacking way, the way attacking of this game known as ….
A. Defensive futsal
B. Total futsal
C. attacking futsal
D. Active futsal
E. loyal futsal

36. Free kick done at the incident and violation dont be directly to the wicket, but first must be fed to his friend, a free kick is called ….
A. Indirect free kick
B. Kick to the corner of the goal
C. Direct free kick
D. Penalties free
E. Goal kick

37. If the ball out of the football game field, then for the ball can be played back, should be done …
A. kick in.
B. throw ins
C. passing
D. driblling
E. controlling

38. Friction ball with hands on the under passing technique on the volley ball …
A. elbow sleeve
B. palm
C. wrist
D. fingers
E. side arm

39. The Organization Volleyball Indonesia is …

40. Service a Guard or a point guard or a playmaker in the game of basketball is …
A. Insert ball
B. Short-distance shooter
C. Feeding the ball
D. Keeping basket
E. Players highest

41. A plan that created, before the match begins is called …
A. Tactics
B. Strategy
C. Tactics and strategy
D. Pattern prmainan
E. Shape game

42. The main requirement to apply the pattern of man to man defense in handball game is ….
A. Technical ability should be good team
B. have good teamwork
C. Physical ability to be good players
D. have speed
E. Having agility

43. The body’s ability to change direction and body position quickly and precisely without loss of balance and awareness of the position is called …
A. Strength
B. Flexibility
C. Speed
D. Endurance
E. Agility

44. The examples of agility exercises, among others …
A. Run 50 meters
B. Push-ups
C. Sit-Up
D. Zig-zg run
E. Pul-up

45. Physical fitness test the objective to ….
A. endurance foot
B. resistance of the heart and lungs
C. arm and leg muscle strength
D. power of breath
E. body strength

46. Physical fitness is identical with the term following, unless ….
A. physical fitness
B. Physical wellbeing
C. Education Jasmanai
D. Sports Fitness
E. Physical wellbeing

47. In daily activities, the body always to work. Energy and strength are still able to do the job again. This is a picture of ….
A. physical fitness
B. physical strength
C. physical ability
D. physical uniqueness
E. health

48. In carrying out daily activities, organs continue to work. Time of energy and strength are still able to do the job again. It is of ….
A. physical fitness
B. physical strength
C. physical ability
D. physical uniqueness
E. health

49. The ability of the reaction can be by doing this type of exercise ….
A. Running along 20 m
B. carrying friends
C. up and down stairs
D. jump
E. green black game

50. Form of strength training is most appropriate ….
A. mengendong friend
A. Zig-zag Run
B. Run 50 meters
C. Up and down stairs
D. Tiger sprong

51. Floor exercise is the sport gymnastics, gymnas is from the Greek, that means …
A. Open
B. Flexure
C. Beautiful
D. Naked
E. Strong
52. The movement sprang to forward , continue to forward roll, movement is …
A. Hand stand
B. Head stand
C. Head Spring
D. Tiger sprang
E. Hand spring
53. The blow that is used to start a table tennis game is …
A. Push
B. Drive
C. Chop
D. Block
E. Service
54. Bet grip table tennis are popular and widely used, especially in
Europe countries is …
A. American Grip
B. Penholders grip
C. Shakehand grip
D. Europen grip
E. Backhand grip

55. The Organization of Indonesian table tennis is …
56. Technique of grip is on show in the picture is …
A. Backhand grip
B. Pendholder grip
C. Europen grip
D. American Grip
E. Forehand grip
57. At the time of serve, the ball must be released not on the handheld. If the ball hit the net and the ball into the opponent’s area, it must be serve again until 3 (three) times and if still hit the net as well then …
A. Point to the opponent
B. The match ended
C. Serve on repeated until successful
D. To throw the ball in the opponent area
E. The ball is replaced



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