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Latihan Soal Penjasorkes Kelas XI

Latihan Soal Penjasorkes Kelas XI

Tes UN Praktek Penjasorkes (senam aerobik)

Latihan Soal INi hanya untuk Latihan…..

Jangan Membuat Kunci Jawaban untuk UlangaKenaikan Kelas.

Soal Sudah Diacak.

tinggalkan nama dan email anda ATAU KOMENTAR di kolom komentar…

Selamat Berlatih……..

1         elements of physical fitness is as below, except ….
A. Resistance                                   D. Accuracy
B. Strength                          E. Coordination
C. Speed

2         Push Up Exercises can be used to train ….
A. Local muscle endurance
B. Hand muscle strength
C. Body resistance
D. Leg muscle strength
E. Speed

3         Pull Up Exercises can be used to train ….
A. Muscle endurance
B. Hand muscle strength
C. Body Flexibility
D. Shoulder muscle strength
E. Speed

4         To keep the body fresh throughout the day to note, among others, except ….
A. Regular pattern of food
B. Balanced activity and rest
C. Sports all the time
D. Balanced eating and drinking
E. Many sleep

5         Reviewed touching from the ball to the feet, kicking can be divided into several types such as the following, except ….
A. Foot in the                                                           D. Foot
B. The outside of the foot                              E. The back foot in the
C. Back foot

6         How to stop the scroll ball on the ground using …
a. Head                                           D. Thigh
b. Chest                                          e. Instep
C. Sol shoes

7         Below is the body that is used to stop the ball, except …
a. Forehead                                                 d. Thigh
b. Chest                                          e. Hand
c. Back

8         Volleyball game was created by ….
A. Alfred T.                                      D. Halstead DR. James A. Naismith
B. Williamm G. Morgan                                 E. Max Raizer
C. DR. Hasley

9         Here is a technique not included in the volleyball game, except ….
A. Service                C. Smash           E. Uppercut
B. Passing               D. Dribbling

10     To secure the ball from the opponent struggle, the body plays a technique performed. Technical body to play a game in basketball is named ….
A. Lay-Up                C. Pivot                         E. Walking

11     Service is usually done with a startled way ….
A. Forehand
B. Backhand
C. Such as long service
D. Leaning hand circle to the back
E. Horizontal

12     Phase-phase techniques in the long jump, is ….
A. Prefix                  C. Position the body in the air                  E. All correct answers
B. Refusal / object    D. Landing position

13     Here are styles in the pool, except …..
A. Style-free                                    D. Style stones
B. Breast                             E. Butterfly style
C. Back style

14     For beginners, the encouragement of the movement in the slide from the edge obtained from the pond ….
A. Hand                   C. One foot                                E. Two Parks
B. Board of              D. Feet and hands

15     Breathing breath when the rocket is at the time ….
A. Head rotates to one side
B. Front entrance to the water
C. Face above the water surface
D. Shortly before movement chute
E. Row feet

16     Techniques of movement on the leg style pool is free ….
A. Both knee always folded
B. Second leg and at the same direction
C. Second leg opposite direction
D. Both feet are always close
E. Second leg straight

17     The breath in the pool free style at the time made under this ….
A. Right hand movement in the mid-stroke
B. Movement is in the hands of the left mid-stroke
C. Play head to the right
D. Play head to the left
E. All correct answers

18     The position of the last period to encourage the free pool is in the style … ..
A. The thigh                         C. Haunch                     E. Bottom of the thigh
B. The waist                        D. Encourage

19     How is a runner at the finish line is pass …
A. Reduce speed when entering the finish line
B. Bend the body forward
C. With how to jump
D. Stopping suddenly when finish
E. Curtail step run

20     . Tactics that made the individuals in the football game is called ….
a. b. Group tactics C. Individual tactics Team tactics
d. Tactics unit e. tactics zone

22     Physical Fitness term synonymous with the term of this ….
A. D. Physical Education                    D. Physical Strength
B. Physical freshness                                    E.  Physical well-being
C. Physical fitness

23     The purpose is physical exercise physical activity according to certain rules and ways that aim to improve ….
A. Effectiveness of physical
B. Body of work efficiency
C. Effectiveness and efficiency control body
D. Power of the heart and lungs
E. Cardio respiratory

24     One form of exercise to increase muscle strength is back ….
A. Back lift               C. Sit up                        E. Shuttle run
B. Push-up               D. Squat jump

25     To measure the strength and endurance muscle belly, used the test ….
A. Push-up                           D. Hang – lift body
B. Sit up                              E. Answers a, b, c and d all correct
C. Scot Jump

26     Stretching Exercise is one form of exercise to improve ….
A. Resistance                                               D. speed
B. Flexibility                                     E. Agility
C. Muscle strength

27     The food is not the patron is ….
A. Protein                                        D. Water
B. Salt                                                         E. Egg
C. Vitamin

28     To keep the body fresh throughout the day to note, among others, except ….
A. Regular pattern of food
B. Balanced activity and rest
C. Sports all the time
D. Balanced eating and drinking
E. Many sleep

29     Flexibility can be developed through exercises ….
A. Contraction                                  D. Jogging
B. Stretching                                    E. Gymnastic
C. Balancing

30     Heading movement of the ball in a game called football …
a. Tackling                                      d. Dribbling
b. Heading                                       e. Passing
c. Sliding

31     Time for a football game ….
a. 2×15 minutes
b. 2×20 minutes
c. 2×30 minutes
d. 2×45 minutes
e. 2×60 minutes

32     Business of a volleyball player with a technique using a specific objective to turn over the ball played to a member of the team, called ….
A. Service                C. Smash           E. Spike
B. Passing               D. Block

33     Here is a technique not included in the volleyball game, except ….
A. Service                C. Smash           E. Uppercut
B. Passing               D. Dribbling

34     To secure the ball from the opponent struggle, the body plays a technique performed. Technical body to play a game in basketball is named ….
A. Lay-Up                C. Pivot                         E. Walking
B. Dribbling                         D. Shooting

35     Service errors in the game badminton is as follows, except ….
A. Racket head above the waist
B. Foot tread line
C. Racket head parallel / higher than the wrist
D. Repetitive movement
E. Services to the opposite diagonal

36     At the command “ready” position ….
A. Shoulder is lower than the
B. Shoulders lower than waist
C. Shoulder to shoulder with the flat waist
D. Head to see the future
E. Head inclined to the front

37     Phase-phase techniques in the long jump, is ….
A. Prefix                  C. Position the body in the air                  E. All correct answers
B. Refusal / object    D. Landing position

38     Attitude or position of the slide is good ….
A. Stream-line the walls, swimming
B. Stream-line the surface of the water
C. Buttocks lower than the shoulder
D. Second leg angle with the body to make
E. Shoulder is lower than the buttocks

39     Breathing breath when the rocket is at the time ….
A. Head rotates to one side
B. Front entrance to the water
C. Face above the water surface
D. Shortly before movement chute
E. Row feet

40     Hand movement in the right style at the pool is free ….
A. Hand into the surface of the water with the hands first
B. Position of the hands into the water at the top
C. Position the hands squeezing
D. Both hands move simultaneously
E. Hands into the water surface with the tip of the finger-tip first

41     Body position during swimming free style is ….
A. Stream-line
B. Position of the body up and down
C. Almost parallel with the surface water
D. Body rotates on the center
E. Answers a, b, c, and d all wrong

42     Strategy or the way the used to search for before the victory is called casual, ….
A. B. Formation C. tactics Startegi. D. Defense E. Assault

43     .. A volleyball player who served as the set up or pengumpan often referred to by the term ….
a. Spiker b. c. smasher d. tosser sporter e. toss up

44     . If during the play and then jump to shoot in basketball games are done outside the circle then the team will get the value ….
a. b. two-digit C. Three-digit One number
d. do not get the number e. must be repeated because of violations

45     . play maker in the basketball games … meaning.
a. a duty to enter the ball
b. players pengatrur attack
c. understudy
d. the cross
e. players who do re-bound

46      Efforts to determine the place or position futsal players at both stand and during the attack is    called ….
A. Formation and survive attack
B. The placement of the
C. Attitude or a team player
D. Position players
E. The transition

47. If a futsal team implementing the system with the pattern of the game then known by the term ….
A. Defensive futsal
B. Total futsal
C. Attacking futsal
D. Offensive futsal
E. Over futsal

48.. A free kick at the incident and the offense can not be done directly into the wicket, but must first diumpan called to her friends ….

A. Direct free kick is not
B. Kick to the corner of the goalpost
C. Direct free kick
D. Penalty kick
E. Backlash hurdle
49.. One player who the main task is to maintain the gate in the game called futsal often ….
A. Guard
B. Goal keeper
C. Play maker
D. Self palyer
E. Substitution player

50. Shot in the line outside the gate the way through the game of soccer is called … ..
A. Diving shot
B. Flying shot
C. Standing shot
D. Outside shot
E. Circle shot

51    . In hand ball games you know the pattern of the game when the defense ….
A. Man to man defense
B. All defense
C. Goal defense
D. Team defense
E. Total defense

52.. Main requirement to apply the pattern man to man defense in the hands of the ball game
is ….
A. Technical team should be good
B. Players have a high
C. Players must be good physical
D. Have speed
E. Having agility

53. if someone shooting exercise ball to the wicket in the hands repeatedly, he is being trained ….
A. Practice shooting the ball strength
B. Training accuracy and the accuracy to shoot hurdle
C. Train speed bowl
D. Train resistance bowl
E. Train power bowl

54.. The term of the relay is run ….
A. Distance Running away
B. Running middle distance
C. Running relaxed
D. Running a chain
E. Running inosculate

55. Relay number flee to the international standard is ….
A. 4 x 100 m
B. 4 X 300 m
C. 4 X 450 m
D. 4 X 250 m
E. 4 X 150 m
56.. Far Jump in, when the body fell to the ground to hand back then ….
A. Participants disqualified
B. Reduced value
C. Akan shorten the distance jump
D. In the opportunity to give jump again
E. Hurdle is not valid

57.. In the long jump, have to do with putting ….
A. left foot
B. right foot
C. two feet
D. feet that most
E. one foot

58.. When the leading long jump should be done when approaching the point of departure ….
A. Slow run
B. Stop running
C. Step diperlebar without reducing speed
D. Step out
E. Jump.

59. Long jump in the sport, if the foot has been putting a line through that is going ….

A. Indah not jump
B. Akan leap too far
C. Akan short jump
D. Capriole declared valid
E. Capriole declared invalid

60. Direction of movement in sports Pencak Silat is the term ….
A. Eight views
B. Eight wallop
C. Eight directions of wind
D. Eight push
E. Eight-way

61. Sports Pencak Silat Martial themselves come from the nation ….
A. China
B. India
C. Vietnam
D. Korean
E. Indonesia
62. Here is the kind of wallop in Pencak Silat, except ….

A. Sodok
B. Tebak
C. Boxing
D. Bandul
E. Tsuki
63. The following are the techniques backlash Pencak Silat, except ….
A. Thunderbolt kick
B. Front kick
C. Side kick
D. Kick back
E. Backlash bow
64.. Pencak Silat in the attack using the foot, usually with a ….
A. pukulan
B. tangkisan
C. kuncian
D. tendangan
E. sabetan
65. Physical strength and mental health can be achieved when ….
A. sports hard
B. more sleep
C. trencherman
D. fitness training every day
E. consume enough food nutrition
66. Physical fitness test is conducted to find out ….
A. resilience feet
B. resilience of heart and lungs
C. strength of arm and leg muscles
D. the strength of the breath
E. body strength

67. Physical fitness term synonymous with the term following, except ….
A. Physical fitness
B. Physical well-being

C. Education Jasmanai
D. Raga fitness
E. Physical well-being

68. In performing day-to-day tasks, organs we continue to work. The remaining energy and strength that is still able to do the job again. This is a picture of ….
A. Physical Fitness
B. Physical strength
C. Physical courage
D. Physical uniqueness

E.  Physical established

69. Body’s ability to change direction quickly and precisely, without loss of balance is called ….
A. speed
B. Strength
C. agility
D. flexibility
E. reaction

70. Reaction capability can be done with practice ….
A. Running along the straight 20 meters
B. Running snake.
C. Up and down stairs

D. leap
E. Black and green Games

71. The form of strength training is the most appropriate ….
A. pickaback friend

B. black and green Games
C. run zig-zag
D. kayang
E. Running and jump
72. The other term movement jump tiger is in the floor exercises ….
A. tiger spring
B. tiger sprong
C. tiger stand
D. tiger wood
E. tiger strong

73. Movement exercises to relax muscles and muscle-joint exercises in the physical well-being  (SKJ) is ….
A. Heating
B. Core exercises
C. Advanced training
D. Exercise II core
E. Cooling

74. Gymnastics is a sport physical well-being that easy to do and costs ….

A. Expensive

B. cheap

C. difficult

D. complex

E. poop

75. Attitude or movement in the right light before it can learn to swim is a ….
A. Head to the front of the buckling

B. Both the straight leg
C. View straight ahead
D. Head into the water
E. Body roll together
76. Movement on foot pool style free from the start ….
A. Ankle
B. Foot
C. Back foot
D. Betis
E. Haunch
77. Roam freely in nature from the perspective of social benefits in the case ….
A. Awareness of God’s creation
B. Testing and practice skills
C. Awareness of the importance of socialization
D. Quick decision making.
E. Power train resistance
78. Aspects of recreational and health benefits of exploring in the outdoors is ….
A. Getting physical and spiritual well-being
B. Social development opportunities
C. obtain additional knowledge
D. Learning initiative
E. Study the issue of life
79. Hazards that often occur at the time of climbing the mountain as more factor ….
A. wild animals
B. landslides
C. Bad weather
D. fatigue
E. Rapid climate change
80. The term “dribble” in the game futsal. Is…
A. Controlling
B. Passing
C. Positioning
D. Tackling
E. Dribbling
81. Technical defense to repel a major attack of the opponent in a Volleyball game…
A. Services
B. Stoping
B. Blocking
C. Dribling
D. Passing

82. Step is to be approached with a basket (basket) and continued with the shot towards the basket technique towards the basket technique ….
A. Jump shoot
B. Standing shoot
C. Moving shoot
D. Lay-up shoot
E. Dribling shoot

83. Below is one way / technique holds bet in the table tennis ….
A. Finland Grip
B. Western grip
C. Shake a hand grip
D. England Grip
E. Eastern Grip

84. At the time of first service game in table tennis, if the ball touches the net and the ball into the opponent’s table … …
A. services move in opposite
B. service in the re –
C. services to the opponent
D. service in the back, a score for the opponent

E. service number for the failed server

Multiple Choice Variation (PGV)

85. Including the following techniques in volleyball is a game ….
1. Service
2. Passing
3. Smash
4. Dribling

86. to print a number in a basketball game can be done with the technique ….
1. Jump shoot
2. lay-up shoot
3. dribling
4. Screening

87. Including the No. short-distance running, is … ..
1. 100 m
2. 150 m.
3. 200 m
4. 250 m

88. The last defense in futsal team is as follows ….
1. Striker
2. Midfielder
3. Libero
4. Keeper

89. Physical Fitness term synonymous with the term following, except ….
1. physical fitness

2. physical freshness
3. physical well-being
4. physical education

90. Phase-phase techniques in the long jump, is ….
1. Prefix
2. Refusal / object
3. pose in the air
4. High jump

91.. Here are the sports games, including a small ball …
1. table tennis
2. Soft ball
3. Badminton
4. Volleyball

92. The following are the branches sport athletic throwing numbers ….
1. Javelin throw
2. throw a net
3. discus throwing
4. throwing body

93. Including the harmful substances adictif as follows …
3. cocain
4. cigarette

94. Examples of these healthy patterns of living ….
1. smoking
2. eat a lot
3. excessive sport
4. food and sports are organized

Citius… Altius…Fortius….



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